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Product Description

I theme is the smartest, most flexible, most beautiful and revolutionary responsive theme on DiamondThemes.Co With I theme, the sky’s the limit!

The I theme is multi-purpose WordPress theme,with free lifetime updates,kickstart Premade Layouts and its for sure the most easy-to use theme on the Webt!The clean multi-purpose or All purpose design can be used for any type of website; business, corporate, portfolio, blog, products, etc

version 1.9.1 ( updated 04-21-2014 )
- Fixed Page Builder issues in IE9 and IE10
* et-pagebuilder/js/admin.js
- Bumped version number
* style.css

version 1.9 ( updated 04-17-2014 )
- Corrected js files version number
* et-pagebuilder/et-pagebuilder.php
- Bumped version number
* style.css

version 1.8 ( updated 04-15-2014 )
- The theme is compatible with WordPress 3.9 now
* et-pagebuilder/js/admin.js
* et-pagebuilder/css/style.css

version 1.7 ( updated 03-06-2014 )
- Fixed the issue with Blog and Portfolio modules pagination on static frontpage
- Fixed the issue with video background in a section, overlaying any content within the section
* functions.php
- Fixed mega menu styling at 960 breakpoint
- Adjusted slider arrow positioning at small sizes
- Improved readability of slider text
- Fixed slider padding issue at mobile breakpoint
- Consolidated header styles
- Adjusted newsletter styling for added consistency
- Changed Blurb & Toggle headings for improved hierarchy
- Adjusted WooCommerce headings for added consistency
- Adjusted portfolio headings for added consistency
- Styled the search widget
- Bumped version number
* style.css

version 1.6 ( updated 02-26-2014 )
- Added the slide link to heading in the Slider module
- Fixed the issue with the separator symbol, appearing in the wrong place, when some items are disabled in the post info section.
- Fixed validation errors in slider and section modules
- Added “New Message From ‘Site Name’ – ‘Contact Form Title’” to the email title field
* functions.php
- Fixed the issue with resizing of images that have the x symbol between width and height values in the filename
- Fixed the issue with .jpeg images and uppercase extensions in cached files
- The theme doesn’t strip slashes from custom css now, when saving the option to the database
- Removed buzz shortcode ( Google retired Buzz )
- Fixed ePanel SEO home options not appearing on static front page
- Better compatibility with WordPress SEO and All In One SEO Pack plugins. ePanel SEO is disabled if these plugins are active now.
* epanel/core_functions.php
* epanel/custom_functions.php
* epanel/shortcodes/shortcodes.php
- Disabled lazy loading animations on mobile devices
- ‘Slide Text Color’ option affects navigation arrows and controls color now in the Slider Module
* js/custom.js
* style.css
- Fixed the issue with “Disable Top Menu Links” option in ePanel
* js/custom.js
- Fixed WooCommerce styling issues
- Fixed the issue with post content, visible in tiled blog posts at 320 breakpoint
- Fixed the issue with Portfolio module images not visible in IE8
- Fixed the issue with mediaelementjs videos not displaying correctly in full-screen mode in IE10 and IE11
- Fixed tiled blog post styling in 1/4 column at 480 and 320 breakpoints
- Fixed Contact form module styling at 768px breakpoint
- Bumped version number
* style.css

version 1.5 ( updated 02-18-2014 )
- Fixed ‘Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files’ warning message
* functions.php
* deleted woocommerce folder
- Fixed Review form styling
- Bumped version number
* style.css

version 1.4 ( updated 02-11-2014 )
- Fixed WooCommerce Sidebar Error
- Added Anti Aliasing
- Fixed the issue with megamenu dropdown links visibility
- Fixed Counters animation in Firefox
- Fixed a typo in Porfolio module title
- Fixed ‘multiple sliders on one page’ issues
- Fixed the issue with hidden checkboxes and radio elements

List of modified files:
* style.css
* js/custom.js
* et-pagebuilder/et-pagebuilder.php
* functions.php

version 1.3 ( updated 01-14-2014 )
- Fixed the issue with multiple categories selected in the Portfolio module
- Fixed the issue with the Contact Form module, not using the Email setting
- Fixed the issue with the More Tag in the Blog module
- Added ‘Fixed Navigation Bar’ option
- Added ‘Automatic slider animation’ option
- Added id and class options to modules. Defined et-hide-mobile class, it can be used to hide the module on mobile devices.
- Fixed validation issues with Contact form and top menu
- Fixed Color Schemes options not saving in the Customizer
- Fixed Text Orientation in the Blurb module
- Fixed the issue with Footer Widget Areas not styled in the Sidebar module
- Fixed the issue with dropdown menu not showing in Safari and iPad in landscape mode
- Removed Cropping from standard blog posts featured images
- Slider arrows are shown at all times on mobile devices now
- Added ‘Image Vertical Alignment’ option to the Slider module
- Added localization for the Subscribe Module
- Added link to the Blurb module image
- Added ‘open in a new window’ option to the Image module
- Added ‘Text orientation’ option to the Fullwidth Header module
- Applied fitVids jQuery plugin to all videos
- Added ‘No Animation’ option to Image and Blurb modules
- Fixed ‘Bottom To Top’ animation
- Fixed Pricing tables columns structure in 1/3, 2/3, 1/4, 1/2 columns
- Removed cropping from the main product image
- Removed default iOS form elements styling
- Fixed Calendar widget styling
- Fixed video embedding issues
- Fixed the issue with sub menu, displayed behind embedded videos
- Fixed 1/3 and 1/4 tab modules display on mobile breakpoints
- Fixed 3.8 admin bar front-end styling on mobile devices
- Fixed Products pages styling
- Fixed Blog module styling in 1/4 column
- Fixed pagination styling for blog/shop/portfolio pages
- Fixed the issue with Slide Video not displaying in Firefox
- Fixed slider description text width at mobile sizes
- Fixed pricing table styling at 768px breakpoint
- Fixed 1/3 and 1/4 column styling at 768px breakpoint
- Fixed shop module styling at 768px breakpoint
- Fixed slider module youtube videos size for all columns
- Fixed the issue with pagination on search pages

List of modified files:
* epanel/options_i.php
* epanel/post_thumbnails_i.php
* et-pagebuilder/et-pagebuilder.php
* functions.php
* header.php
* includes/functions/sidebars.php
* index.php
* js/custom.js
* lang/de_DE.mo
* lang/de_DE.po
* lang/en_US.mo
* lang/en_US.po
* lang/ru_RU.mo
* lang/ru_RU.po
* page.php
* single.php
* style.css

version 1.2 ( updated 12-23-2013 )
- Bumped version number
* style.css

version 1.1 ( updated 12-11-2013 )
- Fixed errors with the theme on some servers
* et-pagebuilder/et-pagebuilder.php
- Fixed issues with saving layouts with no modules
* et-pagebuilder/js/admin.js
- Fixed Search Icon bug in Firefox
* style.css
- Fixed the issue with flashing image in the slider with video preloader
* functions.php
* js/custom.js

version 1.0

- initial release